Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Legacy of Clean Power

I had a cleaning revolution epiphany today. Our washer and dryer are situated under the stairs of our little duplex. So naturally all the fur, dirt and ick fall through the cracks and land on them and build up to a crusty film of nasty. Procrastination and distraction contribute to it also.

Not pretty, I know.

Embarrassing, actually. 

But behold, a light in sight! Enter our Legacy of Clean products.

  The bathroom cleaner and all-purpose wipes to be precise.


A little effort, but not enough to raise a sweat, I had my washer COMPLETELY cleaned! Inside and out!

Within 15-20 minutes!

Seriously? YES! 

 Look at that! It is all shiny and BEAUTIFUL!

The dryer took a little more effort, but still no sweat.

Ok that did it for me. If I wasn't sold before, I totally am now.

Want Legacy of Clean products for yourself? Go here and register at our online store and order your intro bundle or single products yourself! It will be money well spent and a home well cleaned! All cleaning products are organic and biodegradable. Have been since 1959.

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