Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To Blog or not to Blog - that is the eternal question

When you get to thinking about it just what is a blog? A blog is a person's attempt at reaching out, whether anonomously or not, to others to express their thoughts, opinions, daily activities, encouragement or other things. One is not necessarily better than others and there are some that are definately better suited for the trash can - but again, that is just an opinion.

Now I blog so that I can help my writing skills, maybe help my friends or whoever is out there and maybe also help myself just a bit along the way. If I wanted to be balls out honest I would say I would want people to reply and say I am witty and insightful and should have my own talk show or something. And that would be cool - and a wee bit scary at the same time. Just imagine... I could control the airwaves, I control your horizontal, I control your vertical. (And I just showed how much of a geek I can be, sheesh). And all joking aside (and TV shows too), I just want to be able to hone my skills so I can be an accomplished writer that creates fabulous stories that capture people's minds (yes, I want to control your mind! - that sounded totally like Count Dracula in my head). So you all are my guinea pigs - aren't you so happy! I would like to think that I do have decent advise and thought provoking opinions that might either change your mind about things or at least maybe look at them differently but I am not sure I am that high on the mind-changing food chain.

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