Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book Review - Captivating

I honestly didn't know what I was getting myself into when I chose to review Captivating by John and Stasi Eldridge. I was familiar with John as I had read Wild at Heart and Waking the Dead. I love his writing style and his books have always given me something to mull over and even change the way I think about my relationship with God and others. But what does a man know about women, even if he is married to one? As I read through, though, I discovered that Stasi is the main voice and she nails it right on the head.

As women we are pushed and pulled in all directions – most fiercely by other women. Be independent, be submissive, be bold, be meek – There never seems to be a “perfect” fit to please anyone OR ourselves. Even with all the empowering messages out there for women, why do we still feel inadequate, too much or not enough? Why do we still feel alone? Have you ever sat back and wondered Why? Why do all our "Go Women, We Rule" man-bashing attitudes, shows, messages just leave us even more isolated and unsatisfied. This book gives insight into what is really taking place behind the scenes. And I have to admit, while I was reading it I struggled and fought with what it said but in my heart I understood truth when it was smack dab in front of me. We women are under attack, but it isn't from dominating men, cruel society or even us. There is someone who hates us with a passion that is unthinkable.

I believe that any woman who breathes air should read this book and take its words to heart. Even if you are not spiritual or religious it is still eye-opening and maybe, just maybe it will help you find your way.

Because one thing IS true.

I am powerful and beautiful.

I am loyal and nurturing.

I am the crown of creation.

I am a daughter of Eve.

And I am to be feared.

This book was given to me by Thomas Nelson Publishing for the purpose of review. I was not paid or coerced to give a good review.