Monday, October 10, 2016

Book Review: Napoleon Hill's Greatest Speeches: An Official Publication of The Napoleon Hill Foundation

While the title is a little wordy, this book is a treasure trove of insight, genius and the foundation to the master of success himself, Napoleon Hill.  I have yet to hear of a highly successful person not mention Napoleon Hill when they mention what books they read while climbing the ladder of success.

These speeches erected the springboard to success that many a man and woman have launched themselves.  This is a must read not only once but multiple time to get all the wisdom it contains and then even one more time for peace of mind.

The foreword by Dr. J.B. Hill, Napoleon's grandson, was enriching and allowed Napoleon Hill to become more human and real to me rather than some author who was brilliant.  The introduction by Don Green of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, furthered this awareness of humanity but also gave the ability to respect and be in awe of this pioneer of success and what he did for the rest of us.

Of the speeches I have to say that each are engaging and resourceful in being plain in speech to activate you to better yourself and your environment for success.  This is a new book for my shelf and new title to my yearly reading list!

Book Review: Raising an Original

There has been a constant wish and prayer for every parent on the earth: That our children grow up healthy and strong, be good members of the community, have a happy and successful life. There is also a frequent whispered prayer; that they come with an instruction manual.  Parents, there has been an answer to that prayer! Raising an Original: Parenting Each Child According to their Unique God-Given Temperment by Julie Lyles Carr gives insight to bringing up children without having to do the hokey pokey and turn your life upside down.  An easy read and interactive, you are going to seriously want this book in your hands!

This book is amazingly insightful for parents of children of all ages and all numbers.  A revolutionary resource to tap into and will be the go-to of your massive library of parenting menagerie.  You can pair this book up with another amazing resource and learn the love languages of your children - holy cow, what?!?

No way!

You mean you can raise amazing kids, manage your household, your job life, have an amazing life with your spouse and STILL stay sane?

Why yes, yes indeed you can with this effective tool that is now on bookshelves.  Definitely something I will be giving to my friends who are going to be parents and for those who are in the mix already.  You can find it in bookstores and Amazon now.  I can say without a doubt it is a must read!